A Pastoral Letter from The Reverend Nancy L. Threadgill

December 12, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of St. Mark’s,

            My latest pastoral letter to you was sent in May and at that time we were making plans to open church once again for in person worship.  In the interim we did just that and I have enjoyed seeing you in church and on Zoom.  It has not been “normal” but closer to it.

            Unfortunately, Covid-19 has spread even farther than it did in March and we are being advised by Gov. Wolf and Bishop Dorsey to close the church to in person worship once again.  It is with sadness that I write to tell you that after this Sunday, December 13th, we will be closing until further notice.  We will continue our Zoom services as before and I will continue to send out bulletins to those who do not have access to computers, tablets or smart phones.

            We hope and pray that this closure will be shorter than the previous time which was six months.  With the anticipation of a viable vaccine, mitigation efforts and better treatments, that may be the case.  However, we will have to do our part by continuing to wear masks, wash and/or sanitize our hands frequently, refrain from touching our faces, avoid crowds, and stay at least six feet away from other people.

            Pandemic fatigue is very real.  We want to let our guard down but we cannot and we must not.  If you think that you are unable to handle one more day, please call, email or text me. (See end of this letter.)  You are not as alone as you may think.  God is always present with you to provide courage, strength, and comfort.  Even if you do not feel God’s presence, God is beside you holding your hand.  God is behind you gently pushing you forward.  God is in front of you making a path.  God is below you holding you up.  God is above you shining a light to guide your way.  If you feel unable to pray, just open your heart and mind.  God knows you intimately and discerns your prayer even without words and answers it.  There will be an end to this and when it comes, we will rejoice together once more.

            I pray for all of you daily.

Love, In Christ,

Mother Nancy

251 422-2689  Cell

814 255-1349  Home


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