March 25, 2020 Pastoral Letter from The Reverend Nancy L. Threadgill

March 25, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of St. Mark’s,

It has been a week since my first letter to you during this unsettling time. I pray that you are doing well, staying at home, washing your hands and just being as careful as possible. During a zoom meeting with the bishop and the other clergy of the diocese this morning, it was mentioned that so far, Pennsylvania has been “flattening the curve”. Let us do all we can to make that continue so that our medical facilities are not overwhelmed, and fewer people get sick.

I received a call from Bill Horner today which certainly brightened my day. He and Doris are on their way home from Florida. So far, they have made it to S. Carolina and expect to be in Johnstown by Saturday afternoon. Doris is doing much better although she will continue to need assistance walking until she gets stronger. She is moving everything and talking. Bill and Doris are both very appreciative of all the prayers and good wishes that have been sent their way.

I will be sending out the Morning Prayer booklet for this Sunday. Some of you will receive it by snail mail and some by email. Along with it, I am sending out the Great Litany which we usually do during Lent but hadn’t done yet. If you want to use your BCP, it is on p. 148. At the end of the Great Litany is a section called The Supplication. I had forgotten about it until today. It is suggested that it be used during a time of great national anxiety. I think now is one of those times.

I continue to pray for each and every one of you. Put your faith in Christ and stay strong.

Love, In Christ,
Mother Nancy

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