2022 Annual Pledge Campaign Letter

December 2021

St. Mark’s is our home, a loving community to which we return throughout our lifetime, if not every Sunday. Recently, a large group of Brant family members gathered for the Baptism of a child whose family now lives in Pittsburgh. Other families gather at St. Mark’s to memorialize the loss of a loved one.

Christian stewardship calls us to return to God what belongs to God – return our time, talent and treasure to the place where you know God’s work is being done, where God’s love is returned to God and our neighbor. “Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.” 1 Chronicles 29:14

Even during the long days of the pandemic, many of us have served our congregation through volunteer service.  We have gathered in person as we were able, while Mike, Lisa, and Louise have helped us stay connected when we could not. Our altar guild has worked behind the scenes to keep our altars appropriately adorned.  Many have supported our ECW’s Lenten Lunches coordinated by Amy, Kitty and Pam, Doug and Adam’s Halupki dinners, Heidi’s Picnic Lunch, and our Apple festival.  Our volunteers and staff have supported our ongoing pastoral care activities, including our Priest’s discretionary fund, human food pantry, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner baskets, Saturday’s Kitchen, and Christmas Stocking Stuffer project.  Our pet food ministry continues to thrive, helping those who have been hit hard over this past year to feed and care for their animal companions.

As we work to be good stewards, St. Mark’s Church will embody the mission that the Vestry adopted early in 2020:  Sharing Christ’s love unconditionally through transformational worship and service.

Your past financial support has been crucial to the work of our church. Now, as we begin this year’s Annual Pledge campaign, we hope we can count on you again. Please prayerfully consider increasing your annual pledge. Your increased support will allow us to continue to sustain and grow our ministries, extend our reach, and share God’s love with even more people.

Please join the Vestry, clergy, staff and the stewardship team in making a commitment to sustaining our beloved St. Mark’s Church!

Thank you for your consideration of a gift and many thanks for those who have demonstrated such amazing generosity.

A pledge card for the 2022 Annual Pledge Campaign is available here.  We ask that you return your pledge card by the end of December. If you have any questions, please call the Church Office and a member of the Stewardship Committee will contact you.

In Christ,

The Priest-in-Charge & the Stewardship Team of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Rev. Nancy Treadgill         Lyssa Nickle-Madden       Richard Burkert          Adam Sprankle

P.S. How great it is that St. Mark’s Church is a loving home where all are welcome!