October News

New Vestry Members elected.

Congratulations to our four newly elected vestry members, Angie Herbein, Vincent Joyce, Lousie Mead, and Amy Whitlow. Many thanks to retiring vestry members, Kitty Batrus, Sam Buchan, Bob Howarth, and Cathy Lilly.

Pastoral Care Ministry needs your help.

Our pantry is low on the following items pasta sauces, sugar, boxed potatoes, peanut butter, juices, gravies, jelly, Hamburger Helper, and canned vegetables. Donations are always needed and welcome.

Ham Loaf Sale

The ladies of the ECW will be making and selling their famous Ham Loafs again this October. You can place your order until October 7th. Price for each two pound loaf in fourteen dollars. Call the office to order at 535-6797 or contact any of the ECW ladies directly.

Finance Committee Meeting 

The Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday October, 13 at 12:00 Noon.

Vestry Meeting

The Vestry will meet on Sunday October 18 after the 10:00 AM Service.

October Anniversaries

Amy & Penn Whitlow, October 6, 1981.   Patrick & Olivia Bragdon, October 18, 2003.   Jack & Angie Herbein, October 29, 1983.

October Birthdays

Maggi Lazzari, Oct. 1; Carroll Green Oct. 3; Kim Pasko, Oct. 4; James Russel,l Oct. 5; Abigail Shawley, Oct. 12; Elizabeth Hysong, Oct. 14; Matthew Ryan Shawley, Oct. 15; Lisa Bell-Loncella, Oct. 16; Mildred Russell, Oct. 16; Josh Balamuta, Oct. 18; Johan Rogers, Oct. 19; Joy Brehm, Oct. 26; Zachery Rager, Oct. 26; Connie Bokros, Oct. 28; Angie Herbein, Oct. 29; Craig Campbell, Oct. 29; Richard Burkert, Oct. 29; and Danny Thompson, Oct. 31.

Stocking Stuffer Time!

Church Women United is seeking gifts to be donated for 12 male residents of the Torrance State Hospital for Christmas 2015. There is a box in the parish hall where your unwrapped donations can be deposited. They are needed by Sunday November 29, 2015. A complete list of wanted items and proscribed items can be found in this month’s Grapevine.